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Strategic Planning, Event Management, Sales Promotion and Public Relations have become increasingly important in the marketing mix of today's management executive.  This emphasis is due largely to the nonquantifiable impact of advertising and increasing pressure on managers to measure the results of each marketing dollar spent.  As the US marketplace has become increasingly segmented, there is a growing need for the creation of separate marketing efforts to meet the demands of varying demographics.

Due to the current economic climate and due to the ever-changing, seasonal and short-term needs of today's corporate executives, marketing has seen an unusually high rate of turnover with both its own employees and the outside agencies with whom they work.  Many internal departments, as well as outside agencies, have consequently been forced to layoff and streamline due to a less than full work load in such areas as advertising, marketing, creative services, printing and production.

LAWRENCE MARKETING ASSOCIATES, INC. (LMA) is a full-service marketing consulting group specializing in the creative development and complete implementation of marketing, special events and public relations plans.  LMA partnership significantly simplifies the task of  Marketing Management, by:

1)  Creating volume-oriented special events, promotions and public relations programs, which break through traditional clutter to create or reinforce the desired links between advertising, the brand and the consumer;

2)  Tailoring events and promotions to the specific target or population segment; and

3)  Operating flawlessly as an extension of client’s management team.

 The LMA approach starts with the client's stated objectives, then researches and explores classical and non-traditional options to create ultimate branding and executions that consistently over deliver in innovative and quantifiable ways.  LMA looks forward to working with you to build your businesses with Strategic Marketing Consulting, Special Events/Entertainment Marketing and marketing within regional and cultural communities across the world.